Our Cutting Edge Laser Services

Lasers are increasingly being used as a non-invasive, non-surgical option that treats and improves the appearance of skin wrinkles, sun related excess pigmentation and skin laxity. A variety of options are available for laser treatment and Buckhead Medicine in Atlanta currently offers the most cutting edge of these treatments.

Laser Skin Resurfacing & Collagen Stimulation

With our Icon™ Laser we can remove most skin imperfections on your face and body. Laser skin renewal and resurfacing uses the most advanced laser technology to target skin imperfections quickly and easily. Collagen stimulation is a secondary effect of the treatment and results in long term skin rejuvenation. In just a few treatment sessions you will see a significant improvement in both the tone and texture of your skin – leaving you with the beautiful skin you’ve always wanted.

IPL Photo facial

IPL technology allows us to remove many imperfections on your face such as undesirable brown spots, sun damage and facial vessels. This skin revitalization treatment utilizes optimized pulsed light to gently deliver energy into your skin and target these imperfections. The treatment is quick, easy and virtually pain-free. In just a few sessions you will see visibly lasting results that you will love.

Underarm, Leg & Facial Hair Removal

Light-based hair removal by Buckhead Medicine can permanently reduce unwanted hair on all areas of the body including underarms, legs, back, and face. Pulses of light energy target and destroy the cells responsible for hair growth. Treatment sessions can take as little as 10 minutes for smaller areas, and typically have no disruptions to your normal activities.

Stretch Mark Removal

Stretch marks commonly develop during pregnancy because the skin is being stretched too far too fast. In fact, stretch marks occur in over 90% of women during their pregnancy. Buckhead Medicine is excited to offer a solution. We utilize the only fractional non-ablative laser technology FDA-cleared for the treatment of stretch marks – Icon™. This nonsurgical treatment option is ideal for people seeking to minimize the appearance of stretch marks associated with pregnancy, hormonal changes and weight gain. This therapy provides remarkable results in only a few short treatment sessions. We can help get your clear, smooth and touchable skin back.