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sun-damage-laser-services-atlantaAs a native born Floridian one of my favorite things is to be in the sun, sand, and the water. Growing up in an endless summer, I was always in the sun and in constant pursuit of the ultimate tan. While I was achieving my bronze glow I was also exposing my skin to some serious sun exposure. Now in my late 20s, I started to notice dark spots and freckles on my face that did not use to be there and wished I had been more cautious with my SPF.

Whenever I am in the sun now I make sure I am always prepared and protected with good sunscreen, but that doesn’t reverse the damage from the years before. I would cover up my freckles with makeup but wasn’t happy with what I saw without makeup and wanted my youthful skin back. With my wedding coming up, I wanted to begin a new beauty regimen and did some research on how to lessen the dark spots and freckles on my face from excessive sun damage. I found information on Laser Skin Resurfacing treatments in Atlanta and how the laser skin resurfacing enhances the tone and appearance of your skin.

There are so many different types of Laser Skin Resurfacing services and different treatments and facilities and after reading about the multiple types of laser treatments, locations, and providers I found Buckhead Medicine, with Dr. Edward Espinosa. What I liked most about Buckhead Medicine when researching laser skin treatments in Atlanta was that is was a Medical Practice focused on overall personalized medical care. I knew that Dr. Espinosa himself would be the one that handles all my treatments and not a medical assistant or esthetician.

When it comes to my face, I just did not feel comfortable having something as serious as laser treatment not being administered by a medical doctor. I have read horror stories online on different practices about scary laser complications because the individuals administering the treatment were not medical doctors. I knew at Buckhead Medicine if I were to have any laser treatment it would be would be with Dr. Espinosa.

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Laser Skin Resurfacing ConsultationI scheduled a consultation with Dr. Espinosa to talk about the different skin treatment options and what to expect. He answered all my questions and educated me on the process of how and why sun damage creates dark spots and freckles. He then explained the process of how the Icon IPL Laser technology works and that the laser actually pulls the melanin (dark pigmentation) from the skin. Dr. Espinosa walked me through the post op instructions, what to expect after procedure, recovery and results. I wanted an effective, minimally invasive, and quick solution to improve the appearance of my skin. After meeting the Buckhead Medicine staff and having a consultation with Dr. Espinosa I knew that the IPL Laser Skin Resurfacing treatment was the perfect solution.

Treatment Day

The treatment was easy. I showed up to Buckhead Medicine with a clean face completely makeup free. I spoke with Dr. Espinosa about the process quickly again and then he began the Laser treatment. The laser treatment was very quick, around 15 minutes, and performed by Dr. Espinosa. The Laser is quick because it just targets the areas with sun damage it was not painful. The laser was not hot and felt more like a snap of a rubber band. After the treatment my face felt a little warm similar to a mild sunburn and my freckles were red from the laser but not uncomfortable. This only lasted about 20 minutes.

Dr. Espinosa let me know it would take a full week to see results and what the next 7 days would look like. The next day, as expected, my freckles were much darker and the staff at Buckhead Medicine called to me to follow up and make sure everything was healing correctly. There wasn’t any pain and I easily concealed the freckles with makeup and applied a strong SPF as advised. The first 5 days after treatment your freckles darken and resemble coffee grounds because the laser pulled the melanin from the skin. I had two work events and made sure I put on a heavier foundation to cover spots. Around day 6 with a light exfoliate the freckles began to fall off! I documented each day so I could track my progress.

Treatment Results: Click to Enlarge Image

Before Treatment Right

Before Treatment Left

After 7 Days Right

After 7 Days Left


Day 1

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 7

Day 7 the spots were gone and my skin looked incredible! I could not believe what a difference one laser treatment made. Not only did it remove dark spots and freckles but the overall tone of my skin looked amazing. I am beyond pleased with my results and loved how Buckhead Medicine made me feel so comfortable and did such an amazing job following up post treatment. The Laser Skin treatment has improved my dark pigmentation, gave me a natural glow, and improved my skin tone. The IPL treatment completely improved the appearance of my skin with just one treatment. Today I wear less makeup and feel comfortable with my natural skin.

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