Everyone looks forward to the holidays. From feasting on a turkey with your family at Thanksgiving, the excited mobs at crowded stores trying to pick up the best gifts during the Black Friday sales, outings with your friends and Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year parties. This year however, things will be a little different. With the spread of the Coronavirus, large gatherings are not advisable. Many people are shifting to virtual gatherings to stay safe. Still, if you’re planning to celebrate it with your people back home, here are some precautions we advise you to take. 


Traveling is a big risk during the holidays because of the huge crowds that can’t be avoided. If you’re traveling by flight, always wear a mask. Use disinfectant wipes to wipe down tray tables and seats. Avoid crowded entry and exit points, instead wait till the crowd dies down and then proceed. If you’re traveling by Greyhound bus, try to keep a distance of a row between you and other passengers. Always sanitize your hands after getting off.


All shopping outlets undoubtedly have the best sales during Thanksgiving and Black Friday. The best way to avoid the crowded shopping malls is to order your gifts online. Online shopping websites provide an easy and safe alternative to shopping in stores. If you need to get out, shopping malls and stores will all be crowded with last minute shoppers, so a mask is your safest bet. Crowded stores become a hotspot for transmission. Skip a crowded store in a mall and move to a less crowded store. While shopping during sales, keep away from touching clothes, bags and shoes as many people might have gone through them. Browse through the clothes and shoes on racks instead of touching them. Don’t use makeup testers at all costs as you will be at risk of directly coming in contact with the virus.


Virtual gatherings have become very common as it allows you to celebrate from the safety of your home with a large number of people. Limit the number of people at social gatherings. Try having your gatherings outdoors instead of indoors as poor ventilation in a small space increases the risk of contraction. Social distance as much as possible by arranging your seating in such a way that you’re six feet away from each other. While serving food, one person should be incharge of serving all the guests. This will ensure that the serving spoons are not being touched by everyone. The same goes with drinks. Refrain from sending kids out caroling to limit their contact with other people.


Constantly wear a mask during outings with your friends as other people might have also traveled from far off destinations like you. By doing so, not only are you staying safe, but you’re also keeping them safe if you have contracted it. Other than touching your face, avoid kissing people on the cheek as well. Don’t shake hands as you normally would as the virus could get transferred. Avoid touching common surfaces like door knobs, fingerprint scanners, ticket machines, handrails, elevator buttons, and benches. The same with magazines and water coolers. Carry your metal straw to avoid direct contact with your glass.

It is also important to research the destination you’re traveling to. If the cases of Coronavirus are rampantly spreading at your destination, it is advisable not to travel to such locations. Also, certain people like the elderly, those with respiratory conditions, pregnant women and those with a weak immune system have a higher likelihood of contracting the disease and might even be far more affected than others. Such people should completely avoid traveling and social gatherings. After you’ve reached your destination, quarantine in a separate room so that you don’t put your family at risk. Prevention is always better than cure. 

For more information about public safety, visit the W.H.O website. 

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