I hope this update finds you healthy and safe. For many of you, including myself, COVID-19 fatigue has set in. Social isolation and creation of barriers is clearly not the way we typically live our lives. We are now in month nine of the COVID-19 pandemic and sadly the loss of life has been severe. I want you to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Vaccines and monoclonal antibody therapy are on the horizon. These interventions will undoubtedly change the trajectory of this pandemic.

I do want to make you aware that I am working closely with the Georgia Department of Public Health, our local hospitals and our medical suppliers to ensure that when vaccines and therapies are accessible they will be available to you. Additionally, I’m still in the process of reviewing the data, as it becomes available, with regard to safety of vaccines and therapies. I will pass along my recommendations to you as soon as possible. Based on what I have reviewed to date, both the vaccines and the therapies look very promising and show good safety profiles.

As we enter the next wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, with markedly increasing numbers across our country and the world, we must persevere and keep protecting ourselves and others. Sacrifices must be made by not only those at greatest risk but also by our healthiest and least vulnerable groups. As a reminder, our most vulnerable population includes patients above the age of 65, patients with respiratory conditions such as asthma or COPD, women during pregnancy and patients with compromised immune systems, including patients on chemotherapy and immunomodulators.

As you know, the strongest measures that we currently have in preventing transmission of the virus includes social distancing, avoiding large crowds, frequent hand washing and wearing a mask. As we enter the holiday season I fervently recommend that you adhere to these measures. You have the ability to change the trajectory of this pandemic.

Currently our practice remains open, however we are recommending that our most vulnerable population make use of our telemedicine services or phone consultations for routine medical needs. At this time, in the most vulnerable groups, its reasonable to postpone non urgent in-person evaluations.

I’ll continue to work to keep you as updated as possible.

Warm wishes as we approach the holidays,

Dr. Edward Espinosa
Buckhead Medicine
91 W. Wieuca Road NE
Atlanta, GA 30342