As we move forward cautiously to safely reopen the practice for annual exams and routine office visits, we wanted to update you on processes and protocols that we are implementing within the Buckhead Medicine office.

We are committed to providing you with a safe and clean office visit and have therefore implemented changes to reduce the risk of COVID-19 virus transmission, based on Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations.

When appropriate, patients will continue to have an option for a tele-medicine encounter in place of or to augment the face to face encounter.

Transmission risk reduction strategies include providing and requiring the use of masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, and hand washing areas for all persons entering our office. Our waiting room has been removed. Patients now wait in their car. Our staff orchestrates social distancing during your encounter. Our staff performs thorough cleaning of all surfaces that have been in contact with patients and staff.

All staff and providers wear appropriate personal protective equipment and are continuously performing hand hygiene. All staff have daily temperatures measured and are routinely tested for the COVID-19 virus via nasal PCR and serum IgG. Any staff member with signs or symptoms of COVID-19 infection are immediately sent home.

All patients are required to inform Buckhead Medicine staff or providers of any active or recent COVID-19 symptoms, potential exposure or contact with person felt to be infected with the COVID-19 virus, or pertinent recent travel history.

Patients who are demonstrating signs of COVID-19 illness that need to be evaluated in the office will be asked to enter the office via the rear entrance and will be evaluated in our isolation room.

During the office encounter, we require all patients to wear face masks to reduce the risk of exposure to you and others. We require all patients wash hands or use hand sanitizer before and after treatment and any other appropriate situation, such as touching their face, coughing, sneezing, or using the restroom.

Transmission is thought to occur mostly from person-to- person via respiratory droplets among close contact. Our efforts in the office are focused on reducing the risk of transmission. Because of the mode of transmission, the risk of COVID19 infection cannot be eliminated. There is no way of assuring via testing that none of our employees have been exposed. We have little control, regarding the health status of any patients (other than those obviously manifesting signs or symptoms). Complete social distancing and quarantine are the only reliable protections. By coming to our office, you are assuming the same risks as the general population in other similar environments or situations.

As we move forward with annual exams, we believe the best way to handle this type of visit is by having an initial 20-minute tele-medicine visit to go over history and any active issues. The tele-medicine visit will be followed within the next 7 days by a 20 to 30-minute face to face visit in the office for physical exam, vital sign measurement, blood and urine studies and if needed EKG.

We will begin scheduling annual exams and routine office visits beginning Monday, June 8th, 2020. Please call the office or send a message via OHMD to schedule a visit.

We look forward to seeing you again,

Dr. Edward Espinosa
Buckhead Medicine