We are now able to perform COVID-19 serum antibody testing for IgG antibodies. This test is being performed in our office and processed through Quest Diagnostics.
This test is useful in determining possible immunity against COVID-19. This blood test will check for IgG antibodies. This blood test will not check for IgM antibodies.
Please see this link for a video on details regarding serum antibody testing for COVID-19:


At this time we will be using telemedicine to screen patients in order to determine eligibility for antibody testing which includes:
• Positive COVID-19 nasal PCR OR
• High suspicion for COVID-19 infection despite negative nasal PCR test AND
• At least 14 days since symptom onset
Please understand that the demand for this test is high. This test is not considered an emergent or urgent test, so sick visits will take priority. Priority will be given to our existing patients.
If you meet the above criteria and you desire to be tested please call the office at 404-257-5585, to schedule a telemedicine consult to determine eligibility for testing.
Stay Well and Stay Home,
Dr. Edward Espinosa
Buckhead Medicine