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Why all the buzz about the accuracy and reliability of COVID 19 tests on the market?

Edward Espinosa, DO, MPH - Medical Director, Buckhead Medicine As the country begins to emerge from the total shutdown imposed to control the exponential spread of the COVID 19 virus, widespread testing becomes key to controlling the community spread of the Coronavirus. In the past 8 weeks there has been widespread coverage in the media [...]

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COVID-19: What employer can do legally to safeguard workplaces post-shutdown?

COVID-19: Workplace Safety Update The COVID-19 (Coronavirus) disease pandemic and the resulting total shutdown of workplaces for the past 2 months has been emotionally challenging for employers, employees and people in general, changing day-to-day life as we knew it in unprecedented ways. Now with shelter at home restrictions being lifted, and the real danger of [...]

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Why a serology test for Coronavirus should not be used as the sole test when making staffing decisions?

The landscape for SARS-CoV-2 screening tests (COVID 19 testing) continues to evolve. When it comes to a serology test, shortcomings in the quality of testing, poor sensitivity, false negative rates, as well as variations in the interpretation of results can significantly impact decisions for employers wanting to screen their employees. Without a doubt, limitations exist [...]

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Addressing Confidentiality with the COVID-19 Surveillance System

Ordinarily, the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) prohibits an employer from performing medical tests/clinical exams on its employees – but these are no longer ordinary times - we are now living in a new normal with unfolding waves of the COVID-19 pandemic, prompting the EEOC and the ADA to issue updates regarding what is permissible [...]

Coronavirus Update 12: Transitioning to routine annual exams and office visits

As we move forward cautiously to safely reopen the practice for annual exams and routine office visits, we wanted to update you on processes and protocols that we are implementing within the Buckhead Medicine office. We are committed to providing you with a safe and clean office visit and have therefore implemented changes to reduce [...]

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