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Coronavirus Update 11: COVID-19 Surveillance System

In the upcoming weeks we expect businesses to begin the slow and cautious reopening process. We are rolling out a new service for business owners and employers to provide COVID-19 surveillance for their employees. This surveillance includes employee clinical evaluation, nasal pcr and antibody testing, as well as generation of summary reports for employers to [...]

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Coronavirus Update 10: Serum Antibody Testing Now Available

We are now able to perform COVID-19 serum antibody testing for IgG antibodies. This test is being performed in our office and processed through Quest Diagnostics. This test is useful in determining possible immunity against COVID-19. This blood test will check for IgG antibodies. This blood test will not check for IgM antibodies. Please see [...]

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Coronavirus Update 9: Continue to Shelter in Place

Thank you for all the sacrifices that you have made to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in our community. I know this has not been easy from a personal, social and financial standpoint. But because of your efforts, to quarantine at home, the spread of COVID-19 throughout our community has been markedly reduced. Your efforts [...]

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Coronavirus Update 8 – Convalescent Plasma Donation

Many of you have tested positive for COVID-19 either in our office or in the hospital and now are recovering or fully recovered. For the fully recovered patients, I would like to ask for your help. Convalescent plasma transfusion is a therapy that may help seriously ill COVID-19 infected patients. This is how it works. [...]

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5 Atlanta Medical Practices That Can Keep You Healthy From Home

Originally Published In The Atlantan Buckhead Medicine Board-certified internist Dr. Edward Espinosa has converted his concierge internal medicine practice, Buckhead Medicine, to focus primarily on the testing and treatment of COVID-19. A long time user of telemedicine and secure texting, his practice is now serving the Buckhead community by leveraging these technologies alongside onsite testing [...]

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